News | Intelligent Sensors and Actuators for cyber-physical Systems (CPS)

Intelligent Sensors and Actuators for cyber-physical Systems (CPS)


Intelligent sensors and actuators are essential components for Industry 4.0 solutions. Microsystems technology (MST) drives innovations and technologies for this evolution. MST is the basis for novel, customized and sustainable solutions for a variety of applications and requirements from all sectors of industry.

microTEC Südwest bundles all the know-how of microsystems technology and CPS in the southwest of Germany. Through the interregional network of experts from research and development as well as from industrial production, contacts are established efficiently and effectively.

A broad range of our members and partners develops sensor solutions consequently, including suitable gateways to CPS modules. These modules can be adapted to your requirements during the development as well afterwards. Furthermore, our partners from the production platform PRONTO enable the time efficient manufacturing of prototypes and small batch series through cooperation of science and industry

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