Design team with customer orientation
Technical know-how, many years of experience and excellent process knowledge enable our specialists to find solutions for you and to implement them in optimal circuits. Microdul has particular strengths in low-power (nA), low-voltage (1.0 V) and time-based applications. Throughout the entire product life cycle you will be competently advised and supported. Your products will be tested using our own test programs. This is why we can guarantee a high standard of quality.

  • Design and sourcing of integrated circuits, including validation and quality control 
  • Analog and mixed-signal design
  • Ultra-low-power circuit design 
  • Exhaustive testing, particularly wafer probing and final test
  • Failure analysis
  • Assembly as required by the customer (QFN, CSP, chip-in-tray etc.)


Technical advantages
Microdul is one of the few companies worldwide to offer CMOS mixed-signal arrays. Microdul’s mixed-signal arrays are ideally suited for analogue challenges such as for detecting very small signals. EPROM cells serve for various trimming and selection functions. All pads are ESD-protected and configurable as inputs, outputs or tri-state.

Cost advantages are created thanks to the low number of individual masks required. Since production starts from a wafer bank with prefabricated wafers, only few customized production steps must be performed. This means that you get the circuits very quickly. Thanks to the possibility of using multiple chips, the circuit size can also be optimally matched with a semi-custom solution. With the semi-custom approach, small and medium-sized unit volumes become commercially feasible.