ASICs – application-specific integrated circuits 
If you need an exclusive, customized integrated circuit, we will develop an ASIC together with you. Depending on the application, full-custom or semicustom approaches are used. When using the array families developed by Microdul, the development costs and production times are reduced, since the components used are standardized and few individual masks are required.


Standard products 
Standard products are catalogue products which Microdul offers on the open market. The most important criterion for a standard product is the quantity that can potentially be reached. Development is free of charge for the customer. As the lead customer and development partner, you work together with us on the specification and have a considerable influence on the architecture of the integrated circuit. Standard circuits are extensively qualified and tested by Microdul before they are released.


Wafer service​ 
We offer chip designers the opportunity to realize their own designs on our tried and tested CMOS mixed-signal arrays. For prototypes in chip form or in various standard packages, Microdul provides multi-project wafers (MPW) at unbeatable prices and with very short delivery times. Take a look at our website for the MPW offers and delivery times, as well as for the opportunity to take part in an array workshop for designers.